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New Year’s tale for special children
Афиша 2015-12-29


Mother's Heart is comprehensive, it has no bounds. Mother can always shelter with her wing, she can warm and caress. The Public Organization "Mother's Heart" supported by the Public Organization "The prosperous city of Kherson" and Internet-portal Кarapuz.life proved it once again today.



Everyone expects a miracle on the threshold of New Year. And the special children do it particularly. They used to be left with their problems aside. It happens because of their modesty or, perhaps, because the State avoids them in the maelstrom of events. But they do exist! And they are the same as we are. Moreover, they are sunnier, brighter and more open people.

Today, on December 23, 2015 these children proved it once again. The holiday was great. 30 children took part in the action. The holiday was spirited by sweet gifts and monkeys – the symbol of the coming year. Children and their parents diligently prepared for this day - they decorated the office of the Organization "Mother's Heart" and made it cozier. A foreign guest Heiner Schriever attended the holiday.  

  The news that the charitable organization presented three new windows for the classrooms of "Mother's heart" touched the head of the Centre Valentina Alexandrovna to the tears. Now the kids are not afraid of frost. Good works are done in truth imperceptibly and without a word. But how they melt hearts with warmth is beyond the words.

Nobody was aside thanks to the Art studio “Arbooz” and the wonderful animators, who played Santa Claus and a Snow-Maiden. It was impossible to be bored with such artists! All children and adults plunged into the magic holiday. They turned into small animals dashingly, stamped their feet, clapped their hands and fervently repeated the poems after the Snow-Maiden. The kids and adults had a fun. Half an hour passed quickly. Moms and dads could have a rest, and the children were really happy. After the gifts were presented all of them had a merry disco and the sweets.

The guests - friends and helpmates of the Center gathered together to discuss the plans for future. Valentina Alexandrovna told our team "Кarapuz" that she has a plan to open an anti-recessionary center on the basis of "Mother's heart". Nowadays some families migrated from​​ Anti-terrorist Operation area are registered in the center. There are children who have special needs. They really need a material support as well as a psychological one.

We express our gratitude to those people who make glad not only their nearest and dearest people during the New Year holidays, but also draw attention to those who really need it. The good news is that the series of gifts are not over, they continue to come from the volunteers, philanthropists, and just from people who have good heart.

"It's easier to light one small candle than to curse the darkness." Let's illuminate the world with our hearts’ light and good deeds!    


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